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OpenHome Metadata Format

OpenHome Metadata format describes metadata for an audio track as a series of key-value pairs.

The list of supported keys, their mapping into DIDL-Lite and the number of instances that may be used are listed below:

Key DIDL-Lite mapping Instances
uri res 1
id @id in item [0..1]
  • track -> object.item.audioItem.musicTrack
provider oh:provider [0..1]
title dc:title [0..1]
artwork oh:artwork [0..1]
artist upnp:artist [0..n]
composer upnp:artist @role=composer [0..n]
conductor upnp:artist @role=conductor [0..n]
genre upnp:genre [0..n]
albumTitle upnp:album [0..1]
albumArtwork upnp:albumArtURI [0..1]
albumArtist upnp:artist @role=AlbumArtist [0..n]
albumGenre upnp:genre [0..n]
year dc:date [0..1]
disc oh:originalDiscNumber [0..1]
discs oh:originalDiscCount [0..1]
track upnp:originalTrackNumber [0..1]
tracks oh:originalTrackCount [0..1]
channels res @nrAudioChannels [0..1]
bitDepth res @bitsPerSample [0..1]
sampleRate res @sampleFrequency [0..1]
bitRate res @bitrate (integer / string of digits) [0..1]
duration res @duration (seconds - string of digits, zero = live/eternal) [0..1]
mimeType res @protocolInfo [0..1]
work oh:work [0..1]
movement oh:movement [0..1]
show oh:show [0..1]
episode oh:episodeNumber [0..1]
episodes oh:episodeCount [0..1]
author dc:author [0..n]
narrator upnp:artist @role=narrator [0..n]
performer upnp:artist @role=performer [0..n]
publisher dc:publisher [0..1]
published oh:published (ISO 8601) [0..1]
website oh:website [0..1]
location oh:location (ISO 6709) [0..1]
details oh:details [0..1]
description dc:description [0..1]
rating upnp:rating [0..1]
extensions oh:extensions [0..1]