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All pins have a uri associated with them which is used by the pins service to interpret one or more playable items and must be in the following form:

<mode>://<type>?<pin specific query parameters>&version<pin version>

The mode indicates which music provider will provide the playable content. Each has a number of query parameters which are outlined below. The pins service allows you to query which modes the device currently supports.

The type describes what the pin is such as an artist, album or playlist.

The current pin version is 1. The version has been omitted from the examples below.

Supported Pins

(Linn) Kazoo Server

type album Requires response type tracks
artist Requires response type albums
playlist Requires response type tracks
genre Requires response type of either albums, playlists or tracks
container Only supported in a list pin
Query Parameters
udn Server's Udn
me Endpoint Id
response Response type See above
browse Item id Performs a browse query with the given item id. Can't contain list parameter
list Tag id Performs a list query with given tag id. Can't contain a browse parameter